60 Hour Post-Graduate Teaching Practicum TTC

Full Immersion Course in Teaching Methodology, Structural Alignment, & Sequencing Perspectives

  • Intuitive Flow Sequencing
  • Non-Violent Adjustments & Modification Clinics
  • Verbal Cues Tutorials for all Core Asanas
  • Advanced Breath + Action Cueing Techniques
  • Structural Alignment Workshops
  • Interactive Teaching Practicums & Feedback Sessions
  • Situational Sequencing
  • Philosophies and Perspectives on Teaching Yoga to Beginners
  • Philosophy of Asana & Developing Awareness
  • Advanced Static-Fluidity Sequencing
  • Yoga Employment & Practical lectures on Starting TTC’s, Retreats, and Studios


Our 60 hour Post-Graduate course is a full immersion into teaching methodology, designed to prepare and arm new or seasoned instructors with the necessary tools to develop into mindful, successful, and intelligent yoga teachers. Not only will this course be filled with techniques covered in lectures, applied workshops and teaching practicums, observing How to teach and the What to teach, we will analyze the perspectives and philosophies behind these methods to come to conclusions of Why we teach these styles of Asana and When they are appropriate and most beneficial for our students. We will observe yoga classes as forms of group ceremonies, and dissect the pros and cons of different styles of yoga, sequencing perspectives, and adjustment methodologies. Although many lectures will be given in a more traditional educational fashion, a large portion of this course will be facilitated with the intention of creating space to develop and learn from each other and from our experiences as teachers, students, and yoga practitioners. The goal and purpose of the course is not to define a single method for teaching yoga, but to observe, study, and contemplate all possible methods, their benefits and drawbacks as ceremonies, workshops, and teaching tools for our students. Yoga is a living and breathing philosophy, and has not stood stagnant but has continued to evolve dramatically over the last century, especially in the last few decades. To simply run yoga classes, it is enough to adopt another person’s methods and perspective on instructing asana, the How and the What, but not until we take time to meditate and contemplate the Why’s and the When’s can we create the space for ourselves to develop into the teacher’s this world needs. Asana, when used properly can awaken dorment parts of the body as mediation and other forms of energetic healing can awaken higher states of consciousness in the mind. Our structural alignment workshops will create a strong fondation for our physical practice in order to correctly connect the physical actions and rotations to build a bridge to higher states of consciousness. With understanding the proper structrual alignment within one's own practice, the application of verbal cues and adjustments will become more acessible and more effective for your students.