60 hour Post-Graduate Teaching Practicum TTC                            

  • Intuitive Flow Sequencing
  • Non-Violence Adjustment & Modification Clinics
  • Verbal Cues Tutorials for all Core Asanas
  • Structural Alignment Workshops
  • Teaching Practicum & Feedback Sessions
  • Philosophy of Asana & Developing Awareness 
  • Practical Lectures for Yoga Employment & Starting Your own TTC

Many yoga teacher training courses, not just in Rishikesh, but globally, have a high focus on providing a well rounded yoga course, including a survey of several branches of yoga. Unfortunately what tends to be overlooked and sometimes entirely neglected is actually preparing newly certified instructors with the skills to teach or at least establish a strong foundation to begin the path of a transformation from practitioner to teacher. This course has been created for those who have completed a 200 hour teacher training course and feel that they are still not ready to teach, or already active yoga teachers who are searching for a course and environment that will allow them to grow into a well-rounded and more knowledgeable yoga teacher. Although there will be some Yoga philosophy, (specifically with regards to asana and the connection of breathe and body), this course will focus on teaching methodology and teaching practicum.

Lectures and workshops will be given covering all aspects of teaching including sequencing, adjustments, modifications, verbal cues, structural alignment and developing awareness of aspects of asana practice. In lectures on intuitive flow sequencing students will be taught how create classes that work economically within positions and creating fluidity through the class regardless of the style from dynamic to static classes. Adjustment classes will aid a non-violent approach at asana, rather than simply going deeper into postures, our focus will be first to find proper alignment in the asana and understanding of the priority of the posture and directing our students with adjustments that promote the correct alignment. Verbal Cues, which are quite possibly the most effective tool for a yoga teacher in a lead group class can be heavily effective in drawing awareness to this proper alignment along with breathe and mental awareness to the practice. An exhaustive amount of verbal cues will be given for all core asanas and will be intertwined together with the adjustment clinics once a foundational understanding is built for both techniques.

The most important element in implementing knowledge for any school of thought is experience, and it is this area which most yoga teacher training schools lack. In this 60 hour teacher training course each student will go through three rounds of teaching practicum. Each round of teaching practicum will follow by group analysis and feedback, which from my experience has been the most effective space to observe, understand, and implement lectures and workshops, since we will have live examples of strengths and weakness of our teaching skills. Once a specific mistake is made and observed by the group it is rarely made again at least consciously as we have been show a real life example and discussed how it can be changed and improved. We will also grow from observing teacher’s strengths and adopting pieces of our peers techniques, sequencing choices, and teaching methodology. The process is truly invaluable to the growth of a yoga teacher to have real life examples of teaching in a safe space where everyone is focused on the details of your teaching and can give honest feedback in order to develop of growth in your teaching abilities. This course will include an Asana spreadsheet used for Sequencing tutorials along with certificate of completion of this 60 hour teacher training course by Ganesha Yoga Rishikesh, a Yoga Alliance registered school.

*It is not necessary to have completed a yoga teacher training course prior to attending this course, the process of teaching will be beneficial for any serious practitioner, however, it should be understood that the focus of this course is teaching methodology and the development of deepening your skills as a yoga teacher.

This course does not include accommodations but for first timers to Rishikesh we are more than willing to help setup accommodations that fit your budget prior to arrival.


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Spaces for our 60 hour Post-Graduate TTC are limited due to the format of the course and the time needed to provide individual feedback. Please book your spot for this course in advance.