Food is a huge part of a yogi's training, we provide a healthy diet which is completely vegan.

  • Vegan Diet, Using no Animal Products
  • No Use of Hydrogenated Oils
  • Organic Grains: including Millet, Amrit, Brown, Red, and Black Rice
  • Luscious Salads, with fresh Veggies, Seeds, Nuts, Olive Oil, and other Cold Pressed Oils
  • Variety of Local Beans prepared in Indian and Western Styles
  • No Iodine Salt, Only Himalayan Rock Salt Used

a healthy diet for a healthy practice

As a Holy City, Rishikesh is already a sanctioned vegetarian territory, following in line of Yogic and Ayurvedic Philosophy.  However the simple absence of meat does not always equate to a healthy diet.  Due to the prices in India nearly all restaurants and Ashrams cook their dal and curries in Hydrogenated Soil Bean Oil, which is heavily toxic to the body.  At Ganesha Yoga Rishikesh we will only use the best oils available regardless of the extra cost, cooking our food in imported olive oil, along with organic old pressed oils available from India including, coconut, flax seed, and sesame seed oil.  Only Himalayan Rock Salt will be used in food preparation along with organic seasonings.  

In India there is a large consumption of dairy products, however due to high demand this milk, cheese and other products tend to be low quality, and mass produced.  Our diet for our training will be purely Vegan, free from all animal products including milk, cheese, and eggs.  With a high physical intensity Teacher Training programs demand, our meals will be consciously crafted to make available the necessary proteins and fats to supplement our dairy free diet.  We will use only protein filled grains including brown, red, and black rice, amrit and millet, together with a variety of greens, veggies, beans, and sprouts.  If there is any other questions or concerns about the diet please feel free to contact us.